Tour My Van

Let me take you on a tour of my van! Watch the video 'Solo Female Van Traveler Quits Her Job, Sells Her Home, to Live on the Road'

Here We Go!

I’ve finished all of my van updates, and now it’s time to hit the road! For those of you wondering, “where will you go first?” – my answer is, “west.” I don’t have a route mapped out, but have a few stops in mind, so I at least have a vague idea of where I’m headed. Most of my updates will be on Instagram, but if...

OK Big Pond


The first question most people had when learning about my plans was, “Where’s your first stop?” I imagine they expected me to name off National Parks, or elaborate plans for big, grandiose adventures, but my response was always, “Kellyville, Oklahoma,” which warranted more than one confused expression. Home. Originally, I thought it...

Van overlooking Grand Staircase-Escalante

The Van

A brief history of my van. If you read this and still want to know more, listen to the podcast linked below to learn about my motivations, fears, and process for beginning this new adventure. I bought my van from a neighbor in July 2018, two days after I had surgery on my shoulder. I had to wait four months before I could begin working on it, so I spent my shoulder...