Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dropshipping?

It’s a fulfillment method that allows creators to avoid the challenges of maintaining an inventory. I work with partners who take care of all the logistics like production and shipping, one product at a time, allowing me to focus on creating new works.

Will I receive my order all at once?

Some items take longer to produce than others and all the items in a single order might not be produced at the same location or even from the same manufacturer, which may result in multiple shipments. This does not affect shipping costs.

What about taxes?

Taxes vary from different locations and depend on many factors. They’re automatically calculated at checkout.

Where do your print-on-demand products come from?

All our products are printed, one by one, on a per-order basis, at different production facilities all over the world. If you order an item to be shipped in the USA, chances are it will be made in the USA. The base blank items or materials that our partners use come from different sources depending on the product line and where the order is being fulfilled.