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The first question most people had when learning about my plans was, “Where’s your first stop?” I imagine they expected me to name off National Parks, or elaborate plans for big, grandiose adventures, but my response was always, “Kellyville, Oklahoma,” which warranted more than one confused expression.


Originally, I thought it would be nice to stay with my parents for a couple of weeks while I made final tweaks to the van and tied up any loose ends that remained from uprooting my Austin life. What I didn’t anticipate was complete exhaustion catching up with me and knocking me out for three days straight. I knew I was tired and overwhelmed by everything that was happening, but I guess I thought I was tough enough to plow through and make it out unscathed. Boy was I wrong.

Paco in OK

Paco and I have been resting, wandering around the 40 acres, making friends with the cows, and checking on old childhood forts.

It’s been nice to slow down and take my time with final van updates, but I’m eager to get on the road and set out on this new adventure.


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