A Change of Pace

by | Dec 5, 2022 | posts | 4 comments

It’s hard to believe this is my third December living in the van.

When I first began traveling, I told myself each year would be different. I would travel new roads, venture to new towns, and see sights I hadn’t seen before. While there were certain areas that drew me back for a second meeting, I mostly stayed true to my original idea, which had me zig-zagging all across the American West.

This past year, I unexpectedly tried something different: I stayed put.

It all began with a month-long dog-sitting stint in Breckenridge, Colorado. When that ended and it was time to move out of the house and back into my van, I didn’t drive to another state or even four hours down the road. Instead, I drove up into the mountains overlooking the town and stayed there for nearly three months. It was a great change of pace, though I still wrestled with the restlessness that arose from time to time. The open road called, but there was so much to explore right there in front of me.

I ventured around the mountain and dipped into town on my bike, so I never felt stagnant or isolated.

Staying parked in one place also allowed me to dive deeper into my artwork. While I still had to pack everything up each night due to living in a very small space, I could work on multiple paintings at once and not worry about them getting dusty or marred during travel. I simply slid them into organizing drawers where they sat until I pulled them out the next day.



  1. Steve Harper


    I miss you to pieces my friend. And secretly, or maybe not so secretly, jealous.

    We need to find a way to get you in our Ripple Membership. Our people need to know you. And hell, you could teach a Masterclass on your adventure. Something to talk about at some point.

    • Lisa

      Thank you for your kind words and continued support, Steve. I’d love to chat more about Rippling!

  2. Charley

    Thoughtful experiments and great insights, Lisa. You’ve frequently been the teacher for me that, the way we’ve lived needn’t be the way we continue our life. Thanks for sharing your mini experiments and results.

    • Lisa

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Charley. This entire experience has indeed been one big experiment as well as one big lesson that has enlightened me in ways I never could have foreseen.


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