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I grew up in the country with forty acres as my playground, which is probably why I favor wide-open spaces. I drink copious amounts of black coffee, top my pancakes with peanut butter, and find chips and guacamole impossible to resist. I stride forward into the unknown with unflinching optimism and often leap without looking.

In July 2018, I bought my neighbor’s 2001 Ford Econoline van, and in February 2020, it became my full-time home. I sold my house and all belongings, quit my job, and intentionally stepped away from the comfortable life I’d created.

Easily awed by nature, I believe there is magic to be found everywhere. I prefer forests to cities, birdsongs to radio, the movement of clouds and light to television, and bare feet to shoes. I find infinite sources of inspiration in the landscapes through which I travel. I wander through forests, across deserts, meadows, and up mountains taking photographs along the way.

I paint from memory and my own photographs. My portraits are inspired by aged faces that hint at lives fully lived, and I aspire to capture the same feeling in my abstract landscapes. To tell the story of a twisted, gnarled tree or evoke the calm whispers of a mountain.

My goal is not to create photo-realistic images. I’m more interested in conveying reverence, a fleeting feeling, the playfulness of light, or the jubilant riot of color in a sunset. To harness a tiny moment of splendor and share it with others.

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