Tuesday Magic

26″ x 24″
Oil on Wood Panel
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I sketched this face in white charcoal in the late hours of a Friday night. The next morning I woke up, walked straight into my studio and began to work. My only focus was getting the excitement and intensity brewing inside me out and onto the panel. I only used two colors: Titanium White and Dioxazine Purple. I’d intended this to only be the under painting and I’d flesh him out later. Instead, less than half an hour later, I was completely in love with the face that emerged. A perfect representation of days that picked me up in a whirlwind of enthusiasm, wonderment, creativity and fervor, and left me awakened and invigorated, if not a little dazed. I gave the painting a literal name. I almost called him Wonderment, but instead named him for the rainy Tuesday night where I’m certain I must have drank in some magic.

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