Spare Tire Savior


This post is going to be a brief one. It isn’t because I’m lacking in things to write about, I’m just in a period of introversion at the moment. Having a vehicle plow into the back of you while stopped at a light has a way of shaking up the thoughts in one’s head. Whiplash of the psyche. It was a reminder that life is a mixture of the mundane and the unexpected. Sometimes it takes an unexpected blow to make us recognize what and who are important – and healthy – factors in our lives. I owe my health and well being to the spare tire on the back of my car; it took the hit like a champ. I’m grateful things weren’t worse. I’m grateful for all of my amazing friends and all the love we share. Laughs, drinks, patios, backyards, glow bocce, memory lanes, and hugs have been constant this past week. While it might sound strange, getting an unexpected hit while I sat stopped, staring at the glowing red light against the dark night sky was exactly what I needed – though I would have preferred a less literal hit.

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.
– Wayne Dyer



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